SWAMPYanimals_Froggy Poem

Old Blackie and Froggy Jackie McGee

This is a poem for frogs who like to jump on wet logs….

While walking there, these little froggies asked me to share
A frog story by the wetland, one summer, one year!

So sat down, did I and I told them a tale
Of a Froggy named Jackie McGee!
They all gathered around, all green and with grime, croaking so excitedly!

Now Jackie,I told them was an Irish frog and he was known to tip the jug just a bit!
And he was prone to roam and tell tall tales of home, when he staggered and danced in a fit!

But ’twas his way, when Jackie was to roam,
In the heat of a hot summer’s day
near gator ole Blackie’s home!

He was sauced, I was sure for he was singing quite proudly.
When Ole Blackie to rise, from his den dark down deep,
To explore sounds so loudly!

Ole Blackie, entered up
transfused in hunger & rage to dart,
It shook dear Jackie, the little frog lackey – all at a start!

And Jackie whirled round and saw himself found,
Midst 2 white eyes glaring down
With long jaw, sharp white teeth glistening now, briefly bound!

Blackie slowly groaned big, the pond shuddering now, “My dear Froggy alas you are Loud!”
My froggies around me, now shaking
And quaking, midst the hanging mist of the thick damp swamp cloud.

Jackie, now moved to presence of danger
Responded now low, in a soft sort of whisper, “My dear sir do be kind to a way faring stranger?”

“If I tell you a tale that will humor you belly, will you let me slip through on my trip to see my old friend Sir Kelly?”

Now by this time the froggies round me were chirping so fast, their chorus a vibrant full rave!
“Tell us more old man! Tell us more old man! Did Jackie succumb or his actions were they awesomely so brave?”

Well, I waited just then, before commenting when, if I lingered their throats might explode horrifically!
I calmly stated,”Listen, dear froggies and remember this day, the end of my tale of Froggy Jackie McGee!”

Now the swamp all alive
With mayflies in flight and water bugs do dive
The froggies all posture and tense
I took a deep breath, these dear froggies all clustered, so close and so dense!

So I funished my story of Jackie and Ole Blackie
One amphibian and one reptile, in time.
One more a land lover than the other perhaps but to each the water divine.

Jackie sold a tale of past days on the ale and cranky Ole Blackie opened up.
To Blackie’s soft memories of a gator’s
fond memories as a wetter more playful

So said Blackie to dear Jackie, “You have wove me a fair tale to days of my youth, to days of soft grasses and tastes of small fishies as vermooth.
Be on your way, this day little froggy and be free of the feel of my tooth!”

As I left that hot swamp midst the merriment of the now happy little froggies of glee,
I know that I had told them a tale of the
Story of Old Blackie and Froggy Jackie McGee!


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